Subscription for Super Fast E-Mail Mailbox - send only for IoT, devices and systems (monthly)

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Ordering this item will only process the first month's fee, we will be in touch to arrange the recurring payment.
(Not compatible with Trail Cameras - due to lack of FROM E-mail field in email setup)

  • Designed for faster, priority alert processing
  • send limit will match alerts package you receive on
  • Much faster than normal e-mail mailboxes and not slowed down by queues as with standard mailboxes, etc.
  • Works for CCTV cameras and recorders, IoT and other sensors, gateways, computer network, fire detection systems, machinery, cold storage monitoring system, etc.
  • Ensure your device's e-mail setup can handle long usernames (up to 20 character) and passwords (up to 44 character) and mail server address, most importantly that you can separately specifify the FROM e-mail address
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