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Product Presentation

For presentations about our products visit the Overview Presentation (for AIvms, IoT, Farm Cameras / Remote Site and TeamAlerts) and follow the links to detailed content and documentation.

Online Shop

Here you will find the Online Shop (continuously being improved).

AIvms (surveillance at any scale, from most cameras, accessed from any user device)

To download AIvms for Linux (x86 or ARM / Raspberry Pi, Jetson, etc), Mac, Windows, Android (link).
Client installations are license free, while server editions will automatically default to Trial Mode which will reset after 8 hours of operation and will allow Intelligent (Artificial Intelligence) modules to function for an hour after a server restart. With Trial Mode no settings are stored between restarts.
For iPad and iPhone get a compatible Viewer here.

Contact us for free 30 day Trial Licenses which will provide full functionality and retain settings between restarts.

AIvms: Downloads / Detailed Presentation & Manual